About us

About us

I have started this business in 2008 by the grace of God with very little left to supply for my family and I always had the love for wood and to work with wood as a hobby that turned out to be our main focus of business.

I hear many of the loving and heart warming stories of my clients of whom there fathers or grandfathers were the best carpenters in the world and I take my hat of to them as they are my inspiration for what I do today and still try and in proof to be there equal.

I am also very proud to say that we have been blessed with a son in the family that is also got the natural love and talent to work with his hands and is our team leader in our business. We have a wonderful relationship and is proud to have him on board.

I have a very wonderful God filled wife that is supporting me in the business the last two years and I am very blessed to have her in my life for the past 21 years.

Cornelia has a awesome talent to work with people as a Life coach to help them deal with there baggage. She is able to help solve issues immediately without this continues talk, talk, talk, talk……….. She helped me tremendously that I am able to overcome my obstacles. Now I am able to vision and purpose in my life.


We are also blessed with two loving daughters that we love and adore and they are the apple of my eye. Abigail is a teacher at a pre-primary school for the last year and Samantha is still effortlessly doing wonderfully in her home-school studying.

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