Frameless Folding Doors

We are professional installers of frameless folding doors, folding sliding doors, arch doors, louvre doors, pivot doors, wooden windows.  We also take pride in enclosure of patios to give your home an extra room with a view. We also do decking and customized doors.

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This trendy wooden product with frameless glass is a elegant product that gives you an open feeling with a wood finish. Instead of using canvas blinds or canvas curtains, you can use these stackable doors to enclose a patio and still enjoy your view of your garden while it is closed.

6 leaf folding sliding doors

6 leaf folding sliding doors

The leaf opening of a 6 leaf frameless folding sliding door is in the center as seen in the image below. The opening of the doors also depends on the width of the doors. These doors can open completely, giving you an open feeling.

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Centre Opening

6 Leaf folding sliding

Completely open

Completely open

Pillar enclosures

Pillar enclosures

Stackable doors also known as frameless folding doors.

 The patio enclosure project

We had an opportunity to use our carpentry skills to enclose this lovely patio with the latest frameless folding sliding door design.The client didn’t want to loose the open feel to the garden and also to be able to enjoy this area during winter.

Not only does this exercise ensure them by adding significant value to their home. Now they themselves and their friends can watch their sport separately from the children when they are watching their favorite cartoons. These frameless doors are made up of toughened 12mm glass and is secure for children.


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Frameless doors

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2012-09-19 14.31.45We take pride in what we do and how we do it

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